Friday, August 29, 2014

I'm going back to China!!!!

Over the past several years I have had amazing opportunities to serve God throughout the world. God has led me on so many adventures both internationally and domestically and has really ignited several passions in my heart. As many of you know, once I set foot in China I immediately fell in love with it, and my heart was continually captured through my experiences there.  While teaching and serving at orphanages in Mexico, South Africa, Swaziland, and China I fell in love with the children and found it to be such a privilege to care for those the world has forgotten.

Those experiences and passions have led me to my next journey, serving at New Day Foster Home outside of Beijing, China. New Day truly serves the least of these. Their core mission is to provide life-saving surgeries and a loving home to orphans with special needs. They believe that every child deserves a healthy start and to know the love of family. I am so excited to partner with them to continue to make this a reality for the children they provide a home for.

While at New Day I will specifically be partnering with the preschool program. At the age of 2 all of the children who are medically able attend a bilingual preschool during the week. Using my special education background I will be able to add new dimensions and try new things as well as working with the children one on one performing evaluations and providing extra support and instruction. This makes me so excited as it really encompasses so many of my passions!

I hope to leave by the end of October. In order for this to happen I will need to raise start up and monthly support and obtain a visa from China. Your prayers in these endeavors are so appreciated!

As things progress I will be posting more ways that you can be involved, but the first way is through t shirt! I will be selling shirts to help with my start up and visa costs. 

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