Monday, September 29, 2014

Support Raising Isn't for Wimps

Right now I am deep in the world of support raising. It's a world I've entered before, and now more than ever I'm learning that it isn't for wimps.

  • Support raising requires asking people to come alongside you and believe in your vision
  • Support raising is putting yourself on the line
  • Support raising is setting yourself up for possible rejection
  • Support raising is entering the land of the unknown
  • Support raising is going against the worlds idea of success
  • Support raising can be seen as selling yourself

Yet, I've learned support raising really is a huge honor

You are able to continue a long line of people of God who were supported by others to do His work. In the Old Testament the Levites were set apart to do the Lords work, and God provided for them through the tithes and offerings of the Israelites.  God promises that He is their portion and inheritance and that they could trust in Him to provide all the needed (Numbers 18:20). Throughout the Bible there are countless examples of how people set apart for Gods work were supported by Gods people.

"If it were wrong to be supported by the personal gifts of others, Jesus Christ would not have allowed it in His own ministry. If Jesus became vulnerable enough to be supported by others, you and I must be willing to as well." -Scott Morton (via The God Ask

Jesus, our ultimate example shows us that is it perfectly ok to be supported by others, and if we are not ok with this, are we really following His example?

Having a support team is a huge blessing. You have a group of people who are behind you and are invested in the work that you are doing. These are people who will pray for you and celebrate each victory. By choosing to support raise you are choosing to allow people a chance to partner in Gods work throughout the world. You are allowing people to be a part of the Great Commission by sending you, which is just as important as the going, as one couldn't happen without the other.

Support raising requires faith, it requires confidence. If you approach support raising questioning if you'll raise the money, you never will. But, if you have faith that you will be fully funded, you will. "We never utter the weak phrase, 'If I raise my support,' but only the strong and faith-filled, 'when I raise it.' (The God Ask. The weak and wimpy say if, the strong and faith-filled say when. And that is why support raising isn't for wimps!

I have taken the leap and am full of faith that God will provide the supporters I need to serve Him in China. I have chosen to believe in Gods perfect plan and not to listen to the lies the world tries to tell me. I feel privileged to be set apart for this call and look forward to the huge responsibility God has given me to steward His resources well.

Do you believe this?

Do you believe God wants to use you as part of His plan to reach the nations?

Would you join me by becoming part of my support team

*If you want to know more about Biblical Support raising I can't recommend The God Ask by Steve Shadrach enough!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Influence Meet Up!

I am so excited that it's Influence week! This weekend was so refreshing for me last year and I know this year won't disappoint!

First, I have to share God's goodness, because it's all because of Him I get to go again! Because I am in support raising mode I'm focused on spending as little money as possible, so the ticket to Influence seemed to be completely out of reach. Yet, there was so much of me that really really wanted to go. As I was praying about it I told God that He would need to make it possible if He wanted me to go, and I left it at that. The next week I was scheduled to sub for the whole week (pretty much unheard of for the beginning of school!) which would more than pay for the ticket! So, God is good and I know He has something awesome in store for me this weekend!

A little about me: 
I'm 27, single, and living with my parents (it's not as bad as it sounds!) I'm super passionate about orphan awareness and love China, which is why I am preparing to go serve at a foster home in China starting this fall! So, I'm busily support raising and preparing for that! I love reading, cooking, the great outdoors, and really love long conversations over coffee! I'm a major introvert who is constantly amazed by the community of God! I may freeze in huge groups, but thrive in small group conversation.

What I'm excited about:
First, Lara Casey! Her talk really convicted me last year and has impacted this past year in huge ways! She has so much wisdom and grace and I can't wait to soak it up again! Also, last year I didn't know a single soul who would be attending! (crazy for a mega introvert!) I'm so excited to be attending with some great friends this year and to meet new ones!

What I can't leave home without:
Journal and pens are huge! And not just any pens will do! Pilot precise v5 if I'm feeling black or lePens if I want a little color in my life! Also, chapstick, a water bottle, and boldness!

Excited to see you there!!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

DIY Passport pictures

Passport pictures are so expensive! 6-10 dollars for 6 little 2x2 pictures, no thank you! I recently had to renew my passport and obviously didn't want to pay so much for my pictures, so I came up with a simple solution. (and you have so much more control over which picture is used!)

1. Take your picture. Make sure it is in a well lit area and in front of a white background. I used a pull down blind in my living room with the rest of the windows wide open. 

2. Edit your picture using the editing software of your choice, I use lightroom. Do not crop!

3. Load your picture onto the convenient website the government has provided for us

4. Click on start photo tool and crop your photo to the required settings. Save cropped photo

5. Open cropped photo in paint (or similar program)

6. Add approximately 1/3 white space at the bottom of the picture, save

7. Load newly cropped picture with white space to a photo printer of your choice (I used Walgreens)

8. Choose wallet sized photos (2x3)

9. Print your photos, trim the white space, and you are left with 2x2 passport pictures for a fraction of the cost!